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How to clean different shades of curtains?

Number of visits: Date:2017-09-01
       Curtains are very important in home decoration supplies, many of its materials, decorative effects are more diverse, so much loved. In daily use, curtains used for a long time will be contaminated with a lot of stains, the need for regular cleaning in order to ensure our health. How should the curtain be made of different materials?            The following Xiaobian for your weapon, take a look at it.
       The first kind of Venetian blinds
       Cleaning method: clear water + bristle brush
       For the daily cleaning of these sheets, spray on the surface with water or polish and then dry with a dry cloth. If the curtain is dirty, you can wash the cloth dipped in some warm water cleaning, also can be cleaned with a small amount of ammonia solution
Blinds: sheet connected by many folded, with ventilation, shading and soundproof effect, shutter curtain leaves are divided into bamboo, wood, glass steel, Aluminum Alloy tablets, tablets and tablets of flax and other plastic.
Second types of velvet curtain
       Cleaning method: neutral cleaning + flat airing
The velvet curtain is easy to deformation, when clean the window, soak in the cleaning liquid (neutral detergent, washing liquid, washing for a variety of baby washing supplies), gently pressure, wash the curtains airing on the shelf for clothes airing avoid.
       Velvet curtain: as its name implies, it is made of velvet. It is exquisite and full of texture. The cloth is heavy (800-1000 grams per meter). The effect of shading is better and the attraction is better.
Third types of electrostatic flocking curtain
       Cleaning method: alcohol + cotton gauze
       Electrostatic flocking curtain is not easy to dirty, do not need regular cleaning, and avoid soaking in water wash, wash and wring, to avoid falling hair, daily cleaning point of cotton cloth dipped in alcohol wipe, if flocking cloth wet hands or pressure to the water, let it dry naturally.
Electrostatic flocking flocking cloth: cloth curtain characteristics by charge repulsion attraction, make the hair with a negative charge, the need to flocking objects in zero potential villi by different potentials are attracting plants, vertical acceleration rise to need flocking surface, after the adhesive will stick down vertically in the plant body.
Fourth types of cotton, polyester fabric curtain
Cleaning method: clean by water
Cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics on the market. These curtains are durable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If you need to clean them, you can put them directly into the washer and clean them with clean water and detergent.
Cotton, polyester fabrics, curtains: ordinary fabrics generally refers to cotton as the representative of natural fibers and polyester as the representative of the chemical fiber, the price is relatively reasonable, but not easy to deformation after cleaning.
       Fifth types of canvas and linen curtains
       Cleaning method: hot water soap solution + sponge
Made of canvas and linen curtains is difficult to dry, so at the time of cleaning do not directly into the water, can wipe the canvas, hemp curtains with a sponge dipped in some warm soapy water: as the name suggests is the canvas and linen as raw material, canvas curtains more thick, and the shading effect is good; and Ma the curtains because of its natural material, by many consumers.

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