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  • Name: Zebra Blinds
  • No.: SD-BML12
  • Times: 2017-07-11
  • Views : 63
  • Price:
    • Color: 901斑马帘 902斑马帘 903斑马帘 904斑马帘 905斑马帘 907斑马帘 912斑马帘 913斑马帘

Brand name:YUEXIU WINDOW BLinds

Product parameter:


Material:Polyester fiber  Flax

Color:white  gray  yellow  coffee  black

Working principle:Raju

Valuation unit:m²

Function:Full shading  Semi shading Tellgen

Installation method:Inside mounted, top mounted, side mounted

Opening and closing mode:Up and down

Fit object:Octagonal windows window other windows



Suitable environment:Office   home   hotel   bathroom   leisure places

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